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WEB Presence - your personal map for online world

Students will have a guide for various digital activities and will be able to distinguish between many elements that are overlapping while building an effective business online. 

You will learn

• Why is it essential to be online?
• How to research and analyse competitors for better decisions?
• How to make your site an online headquarter?
• How to make an impression with content marketing?
• How to expand your reach?
• Why are mobile, newsletters and influencers important?

Web presence - TED Ed lesson

No matter whether you are selling something that is digital or traditional you have to be online. Join TED Ed lesson and get the map for a strategic approach to a complex world of web presence. The lesson includes video, discussion, test and links to more interesting sources for the topic.
15 minutes

WEB presence -Slides

Download slides that can help you as a checkpoint for planning your online presence.

Remember - Reasons for investing in online

• Brand visibility
• Content Discoverability
• Trust
• Relevancy
• Engagement
• Conversation and Leads

Remember - Guidelines and checkpoints for online presence

1. Research and analyse competitors for better decisions
2. Build a website that best represents your business and think about your audience
3. Make an impression with content marketing
4. Use relevant keywords to create and optimise compelling content
5. Claim your social media and connect them to your site
6. Always have in mind: Search Engine Optimisation

Remember - Expand your reach

1. Paid advertising, remarketing, social and video marketing
2. Create effective landing pages
3. Add testimonials, guarantees, Call to action
4. Make your business easy to find on mobile devices
5. Create newsletter with content that is relevant to your audience
6. Hire influencers to get straight to your audience


Stella Antolovic
University of Applied Scinences Baltazar Zapresic
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