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Video Advertising

Main aspects and principles of video campaigns in Google AdWords platform.

Video Advertising

Students will learn to create different video campaigns in Google AdWords system according to business goals and preferred audiences.
90 minutes

Video advertising lesson in TedEd

You can create extremely compelling advertising videos, but what‘s the use if you don‘t show them to your users? With AdWords, it‘s possible to advertise them in different ways and effectively choose your target audience. Remember, that with Youtube advertising you always get prime-time, when users actively watch videos and tend to engage with them.

Video advertising slides

Slides that will help you understand main aspects of video advertising with main focus on Google AdWords: the TrueView family of ads and bumper ads. This topic also covers targeting options (including remarketing).

Remember: Forever Prime Time

We always tend to compare YT ads with TV ads, so remember, that with Youtube advertising you always get prime-time, when users actively watch videos and tend to engage with them. You miss this if you go for TV advertising.

Remember: Key facts about Youtube

It‘s the 1st online video site in the world
It‘s the second largest search engine after Google;
It‘s the third largest site in the world;
More than 1B unique users visit YouTube each month;
~72 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

Remember: Costs of video advertising

Video ads consist of 3 main ingredients:
1st – impressions that are totally free;
2nd – engaged views. This is where we‘re talking about money: if a user engages with your video content, you pay for it. If not – it‘s free;
3rd component is clicks to website. These are also free of charge.

Remember: Targeting video ads

To get the most of video campaigns, you should always choose relevant targeting:
- Locations;
- Languages;
- Devices;
- Demographic groups;
- Interests;
- Placements;
- Topics;
- Keywords;
- Remarketing.

Remember: TrueView ads

The most prominent video formats in AdWords are called TrueView. With TrueView ads, you don't pay for random impressions or maybe-they-saw-its. You’re only charged when viewers watch or interact with elements of your video. There are two types of TrueView ads: in-stream and video discovery.

Remember: TrueView In-Stream ads

They‘re shown before or within videos on Youtube, video partner sites and GDN;
After 5 seconds, the user has the ability to skip the ad;
The advertiser is charged on CPV basis when the user watches 30 secods of the ad. If the ad is shorter, it's billed after finishing it;
CPV willl also appear if the user clicks on a companion banner or engages with the video content.

Remember: TrueView video discovery ads

A video discovery ad consists of a thumbnail image and text inviting to watch the video. Remember that here you don‘t have any landing page – after clicking on the ad, the user will be taken to the video or YT channel.
VD ads are charged on CPV basis, but a user needs to CLICK on the ad to watch it.

Remember: Bumper ads

These are very short 6secs video which are made to broadcast some memorable message broadly.
Bumper ads appear before or within YouTube videos, just like in-stream ads, but you cannot skip them and they‘re priced for CPM.

Remember: Video remarketing

Video remarketing makes it possible to show video ads accross Youtube and video partner sites based on interactions with your videos or Youtube channel.
Video remarketing usually has better ROI because you remarket the users who already know you and your brand.
It's usually based on visitors' actions: you can show videos for those who interact with a certain video. It's also possible to use regular remarketing lists for video remarketing.


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