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Clustering Creativity: Social Networks & Communication Planning

Social media - sales, marketing and reputation management

There are a few fundamentals to help you leverage social media from a marketing perspective and this simple guide will help you stay on your track and achieve your goals.

In this course you will learn HOW TO

• Choose a social media that suits the best for your needs
• Present yourself and your company on selected media.
• Create a content that will build your reputation as an authority in your field
• Connect with people that will become your loyal clients and advocates of your brand

Social media - TED Ed lesson

This lesson will provide you with a set of simple rules and checkpoints for positioning your product within the social media landscape. Join TED Ed lesson and get insights that will help you win new customers and increase sales. The lesson includes video, discussion, test and links to more interesting sources for the topic.
15 minutes

Social media - slides

Download slides that can help you set a strategic plan for Social media that includes sales, marketing and reputation management.

Remember - Why use social media?

1. To win new customers and increase sales
2. To understand your competition
3. To provide a better service
4. To be ranked better online
5. To increase your brand loyalty
6. To use all the benefits of targeted advertising

Remember - Personalise your target

1. What is their demographic information?
2. What is there job?
3. What does a day in their life look like?
4. What do you help them solve?
5. Where do they look for information?
6. What kind of experience are they looking for when seeking for your kind of product?
7. What kind of objections do they have for your kind of product?

Remember - Social selling routine

1. Share content on relevant social networks
2. Convert people who viewed your profile or are engaged in your content into connections
3. Kick start at least 5 conversations per week
4. Build your online reputation by recommendations, endorsement and testimonials
5. Tag, mention and address to your contacts in order to move them down your sales funnel


Stella Antolovic
University of Applied Scinences Baltazar Zapresic
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