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You may already know that remarketing (sometimes called retargeting) is a way to offer ads to visitors who have already been to your website, used your mobile app or provided their e-mail addresses.
Here you'll find some examples of remarketing strategies, different types of remarketing tags, as well as explanations how and when remarketing in Google Display Network, Search and Video is used.


    Hear, read and see this topic in order to learn to plan and implement different remarketing strategies using Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
    90 minutes

    Remarketing lesson in TedEd platform

    Remarketing (or retargeting) is a way to offer ads to users who have been to your website, used your mobile app or provided their e-mail addresses.
    Here you'll find some examples of remarketing strategies, different types of remarketing tags and explanations how and when remarketing in GDN, Search and Video is used.
    90 minutes

    Remarketing Slides

    A presentation of main Remarketing aspects to help you study this topic. It covers all the main remarketing types and different examples of applying it to your business.

    Remember: Remarketing Process

    First, a user enters the site.
    Then he or she performs some actions on the site, for example, takes a look at some products, adds something to shopping cart, buys something or simply leaves the site without any more actions.
    After leaving the website, the user sees the remarketing ads according to the actions performed within the site.

    Remember: Remarketing's main benefits

    1. Catch people who are ready to convert (order, buy, fill a form, etc);
    2. Apply different ads to different audiences (users who have added something to a shopping cart;
    3. Efficient bidding (CPC, vCPM);
    4. Easy and convenient analysis & optimization

    Remember: Types of remarketing

    Standard - used in GDN and Display Network apps;
    Dynamic - contains particular products viewed by a user;
    Remarketing for mobile apps - for those who have installed the app;
    RLSA - remarketing for search ads;
    Video - ads in YouTube, GDN and apps;
    Email lists - for customers that browse signed in to Google.

    Remember: Remarketing examples

    - Incomplete buying cycle;
    - Upselling after a purchace;
    - Newsletter subscription;
    - Viewers of particular product or service;
    - Contact form fillers;
    - PDF downloaders;
    - Video viewers.

    Remember: Where to start?

    You have to implement a remarketing tag into the website. Two main ways to do it: use AdWords tag or Analytics (which is more common and recommended)

    Remember: RLSA

    With RLSA, you can remarket your ads to such users offering them better prices, special promotions or simply by paying more for the ad to be in better position than your competitors.

    Remember: Remarketing in Google Display Network

    Google Display Network is a great network with more than 2B of different web pages and mobile apps, local and global.
    When launching GDN R, you‘ll reach your visitors extremely easily as they keep reading different content: sites like IMDB, CNN, GMAIL and others belong to GDN.

    Remember: Video remarketing

    Video remarketing is useful if you work with video content and want to reach the users that have seen or interacted with your videos on YT:
    - Watched certain video(s);
    - Liked a video;
    - Commented on video;
    - (Un)subscribed your channel;
    - Watched TrueView ads;
    - Visited your Youtube channel.

    Remember: Types of remarketing campaigns

    For any Remarketing type, all you have to do is create the type of campaign you will want to work with: search, display or video. Then, create ad groups, upload or create ads and choose the preffered REMARKETING LISTS you‘ll want to use.


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