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Marketing Controlling and Reporting - know what matters in marketing

Today’s customer journey includes many opportunities for sales that interconnect. Marketing controlling and reporting course deliver knowledge about measurement foundation that will help you do control and report on crucial elements: choosing the right metrics, focusing on your best customers, valuing the whole journey and proving impact.

This topic will cover crucial checkpoints for marketing control and report

• Identify your customer's journey
• Focus on the right metrics
• Identify and value your best customers
• Prove marketing impact

Marketing Controling and Reporting - TED Ed lesson

This lesson will help you answer questions such as: how much marketing do we need? What kind of marketing do we need? Are we sure that our marketing activities will increase sales? The lesson includes video, discussion, test and links to more interesting sources for the topic.
15 minutes

Marketing Controling and reporting - slides

Download slides that can help navigate the complex world of controlling. This material focuses on four points that are crucial for marketing controlling and reporting.

Remember - Crucial checkpoints that you need to control and report on

1. Identify your customer's journey
2. Focus on the right metrics
3. Identify and value your best customers
4. Prove marketing impact

Remember - Focus on your true business objectives

• Marketing objective: Generate online leads
• Marketing Channels: Paid and organic search Display, Online referrals Website content
• Key Performance Indicators: Number of leads, CPA ROAS
• Measurement Tools: Conversion tracking, Web analytics, CRM

Remember - Consider what to measure and who you should be measuring

• Understand your customer base
• Look for segments of customers who completed high-value purchase
• Identify which combination of marketing channels and keywords helped you acquire your best customers
• Double down on those


Stella Antolovic
University of Applied Scinences Baltazar Zapresic
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