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Google Online Marketing Challenge

This topic covers Google Online Marketing Challenge. This is a unique opportunity for students not only to learn about Google AdWords, online marketing, gain actual business experience, maybe gain an internship or even a job.

Google Online Marketing Challenge

Students will go through all the necessary steps and best practices to evolve in GOMC.
45 minutes

Google Online Marketing Challenge topic in TedEd

With a $250 AdWords advertising budget provided by Google, students develop and run an online advertising campaign for a business or non-profit organization over a three week period. The teams that develop and communicate the most successful campaigns win awesome prizes, including trips to Google offices. Learn more in TedEd platform.

Remember: What is GOMC

Google Online Marketing Challenge is a competition for students powered by Google. Groups of students form teams, receive a limited budget for Google AdWords and find a real business to advertise. They advertise the business for about 3 weeks, write a report and have a chance to win not only a great experience, but also a flight to Googleplex in Mountain View, California with all the fun included.

Remember: Step 1 - registering a team

Find a university professor and ask him or her to lead you through GOMC. The professor will then have to apply for the GOMC, gain a dashboard and start registering his team or teams of students.
A team should consist of 3 to 6 students willing to participate in the challenge.

Remember: Step 2 - getting a students' dashboard

The captain signs up for the GOMC students‘ dashboard and sign the teammates. Here you‘ll fill in the information about your main subject at university, the colleagues of the team, etc.

Remember: Step 3 - finding a business

Find an actual company which is willing to give it a try with Google AdWords, receive some marketing budget from Google and let students advertise the company‘s products and services.
No-no's: super competitive companies with expensive keywords (law firms, fast loans, hosting, design, etc.). The company should never have used AdWords. Also, be careful with non-profit organizations;
Take retail companies, travel, e-commerce.

Remember: Step 4 - Learning about Google AdWords

At first, you get to know Google AdWords as a system by some information in the Digital Marketing Course and other educational resources. Remember, that your teacher is one of those resources, so do ask him to help you.
Then you talk to your new client about the business goals you should try to reach. This is the key point of the whole challenge, so be precise and know the exact goals before you begin working!

Remember: Step 5 - Pre-campaign report

The report consists of business goals, strategies, competitive environment and other things.
You write a report with all those things in a report and send a crediting request to Google, basically asking them to fund your marketing campaign. You should get a verification as well as the budget of $250 in around 5 business days.

Remember: Step 6 - Running the campaign

The campaign should be active for at least 7 days but it shouldn‘t be longer than 21 days. It‘s important because in some cases there‘s seasonality which you might miss while running a campaign for a very short time.

Remember: Step 7 - Post-campaign report

Write maximum 8 pages of report. Here are the main points that will be evaluated:
- Executive summary;
- Industry component analysis;
- Learning component;
- Communication and readability;
- Charts, tables and figures.

Remember: Step 8 - Judging & awards

The results of all campaigns are evaluated on regional and global basis.
The main prize for winning the global challenge gives you the amazing opportunity to travel to Mountainview, CA with your teammates and spent 7 days there!
Regional winners go there for 2 days.
There are also lots of nice devices prepared as prizes for you, so you have all the opportunities to win interesting things. Even if you don‘t win, the experience you get is huge.


Stella Antolovic
University of Applied Scinences Baltazar Zapresic
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